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Hubei Yicheng adhesive packing Co., Ltd. was founded in Third Group, Luojiahe Street, Fuhe Town, Zengdu District, Suizhou City, Hubei, China on 24, April 2012. It is a limited liability company. The floor area is 23 mu. Legal representative is Luo Xiaodong. Registered capital is 10 million yuan. The company specializes in manufacturing and selling equipment for packing materials, adhesive tapes, warpping films, and packaging; import and export of carton, paper tube, plastic products, film products and goods.
At present, the company has three plants, which are equipped with warehouse, paper tube workshop, printing workshop, coating workshop, splitting workshop and glue workshop separately. In order to accelerate independent innovation and improve product quality, the company has introduced 3 world-leading high-speed BOPP semi-product coating lines, established modern workshop with 16 slitting devices, set up packing workshop and ERP scientific management system, and formed one-package production and operation model including glue making, coating, splitting, packing and logistics. Moreover, we have competitive advantage in market for the company has registered “Yicheng”, “3S” and “Shengkaixin” brands.
our products are sold well in Hubei, Hunan, Guangdong and other regions in China as well as in international markets like Brazil, Australia, Europe, America, etc. In 2016, the annual output of our adhesive reached 120 million square meters, the sales revenue was 98 million yuan and net profit was 7.7 million yuan.

Hubei Yicheng adhesive packaging Co., Ltd.
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